Programming in Swift - Part 5: Part 1: Core Concepts: | Ray Wenderlich

Practice using tuples on your own, through a hands-on challenge.

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Minor glitch in the challenge starter playground: Lines 48-50 are a duplicate of lines 43-45. Evidently the question was pasted twice.

Thanks! I just checked this but am having trouble finding the challenge starter you’re referring to (the Tuples Challenge one looks OK to me). Which one do you mean?

That is because it is not there! I just checked again and was unable to repeat the duplicate line.

I’m sorry for the mistake. I’ve had a number of really odd problems with Xcode 9 betas parsing playgrounds when they open.

I love the course. I’ve worked though the first third or so.


Awesome, glad it’s working OK, and that you’re enjoying the course so far! :]

A minor mistake in this challenge.
You ask to create a tuple with three Int followed by a Double but in the solution, your tuple contains 4 Int (8, 16, 2017, 85).

Thank you for these new courses. I love them and it’s a great pleasure to lean new skills everyday.


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