Professional Development Seminars 2022, Episode 4: Is Kotlin Multiplatform Right for Me? |

Do you work on a cross-platform team and need an easier way to develop native apps with less time spent on coding? Kotlin Multiplatform (KMP) allows you to do just that — and share code across Android, iOS and Desktop so that you can create maintainable and scalable apps for the real world. Still aren’t sure if KMP is right for you? We invite you to hear from our panel of experts — the authors of our recent Kotlin Multiplatform by Tutorials book — to walk you through some of the benefits and considerations in making the change to KMP for you or your team. Specifically, this panel will cover: A brief overview of KMP and where it fits in your development workflow Key libraries and tools available to you as a KMP user Key differences between KMP and Flutter, iOS and Desktop Advantages of leveraging KMP Considerations in whether or not to make the change to KMP

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