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Problems with starter project

Every Chapter start with: “Open the starter project or continue with your project.” The problem is that the starter project already include all the files and lines of code explained in the chapter and look like a final project.
One example is the Accessibility Chapter in the Section of Mountain Airport App. I just open the starter project and the first step is to add .accessibilityHidden(true) to an image in WelcomeView.swift… But that line of code is already there. This happens with all starter projects.

hi Gaspare! I downloaded the materials just now, and there are no .accessibility lines in the starter project.

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I downloaded again the materials and now all it’s fine.
Thank you!

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I’m guessing you ran and updated the starter project in your Download directory. And so the “Starter” looks like the “Final” when your done. At least I’ve done that a couple times with various tutorials causing me some confusion when I go back to review something…


I think you are right

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