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Problem with collision between player and robot

Sometimes the player can climb onto the robot (you can push them or run onto a dead robot before he vanish) and he don’t reach the ground .
How avoid this ?

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Find a solution.
Uncomment line 122-127 in FirstPersonController.cs
That allow the script to making the player reach the ground again

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Had this problem too. Tried your solution, and at the first time it didn’t work, but after changing the GravityMultiplier in First Person Controller (Script) Component from 0 to 1, the player reached the ground again. And she reaches it even faster if you tweak the property to 100 (or more), so chances for her to fall over the fence reduced significantly. :slight_smile:

@krillian this is what I did.

@ghostwolf Hey, thanks very much for that! I think that the script has changed since then, the lines don’t match up. Any chance you can paste the code in here?

  if (m_CharacterController.isGrounded)
            m_MoveDir.y = -m_StickToGroundForce;       
            m_MoveDir += Physics.gravity*m_GravityMultiplier*Time.fixedDeltaTime;
        m_CollisionFlags = m_CharacterController.Move(m_MoveDir*Time.fixedDeltaTime);



I think these are the line I uncommented @krillian

Thank you very much! Starts at line 112 on my end.

@ghostwolf Thank you for sharing your solution - much appreciated!