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Problem on editor (SoyBoy)

On page 365, when i try to had the Level.cs script to the level gameObject,
i have a popup windows that tells me “Can’t had script. The script is an editor script”
I work on unity 5.4.1f1.
What is the problem?

My mistake. I put the level script in the editor folder.
Put it in scripts folder and it works correctly.

Glad you got it fixed! :]


Glad your issue gets fixed, I am also working on unity 5.4.1f1 for my own gaming project, As you are the expert, My question to you is how can I make a separate community site and then integrate my gaming API with that site? Also, would you recommend any page builder for my sites, I have found this tested list of WordPress page builders but I am not sure which should I choose?

Any help will be highly appreciated

Hi Jessica,

Your post here is very suspicious. Unity 5.4 was released in 2016 so I highly doubt you’re using that. If you are, I recommend an LTS release instead: Unity QA - LTS Releases - Unity

Besides that, you’ve replied to a topic that’s 5 years old instead of making your own and you went right off track. I looked you up and you’re a WordPress community manager, so I’m sure you can recommend something to yourself. I’ve flagged your post and I suggest an admin removes your account.