Print Version of Expert Swift?

I see there’s a print version of other books on Amazon, but not this one. Is there a plan to distribute a print version? If so, any ETA?


Hi there,

Thanks for your interest — the print book of Expert Swift is now live on Amazon!
You can find it here: Expert Swift (First Edition): An Advanced Exploration of the Swift Language: Tutorial Team, raywenderlich, Amer, Ehab, Benčević, Marin, Fix, Ray, Mishali, Shai: 9781950325443: Books

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Quick follow-up. I have purchased the book and was wondering if I also have access to the electronic version? Or it only one or the other? NBD either way, just curious.

Hi! Buying the print version of the book only gives you access to the print version. You need to either purchase a subscription or the individual book digitally to get access to the electronic versions. There’s some more information here: . I hope that helps!

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