Pokemon app - AR render issue


I know this page is no longer supported How To Make An App Like Pokemon Go

However, I am struggling with a frustrating issue. The code compiles fine, however I cannot render the 3D image. Instead I get a cube with a direction arrow (>) on it. This arrow moves as I move but I cannot find a way to render the 3D image. Any help is very welcome.

Thanks so much.

@pierredrks Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

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Hi sjc07,

the arrow shows you the direction of your Enemy/3D object. If it is on the left you should move your phone in that direction until it hides. Then the 3D object should be on your screen.

Thanks for the response. Sorry, I should have expanded. When I move around to get the arrows to disappear still nothing shows for both the wolf and dragon. The fireball works. I have attached some screenshots.

It just won’t show for some reason.

I have figured it out. I was missing some code. Thanks a lot.

@sjc07 Glad you sorted it out! :]

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