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Paper edition have horrible impression quality

Hi. Last week I bought the paper edition of this book at Even though the content is very interesting, the quality of the impression is so poor, that it is impossible to see clearly the desciptive illustrations, and can follow the tutorials of the book. It really looks like a pirate of the book. All the illustrations and photos are literal in black and white, with the worst quality. For me buy this book and import it to my country in paper quality, was maybe double cost of the inital price published on amazon ($59.99). In the past, I buyed a lot of book from amazon so I can’t believe that this online store could sell this quality of books.
I tried to contact the editor using an email that I found on this site but nobody answered me. So for now, I can only return the book and write a warning to other buyers on the amazon review of this book, talking about that the book is useless with the quality of the photos and illustrations… If you publish a book with this quality at least you could allow buyers to download a pdf color version.

@javierov Thank you for your feedback - much appreciated! I will pass it over to the book team and they will get back to you soon.

Sorry you didn’t like the print quality @javierov.

To clarify, was the issue that the book was black & white (and you wanted color), or was the issue that the quality was actually bad?

We would love to be able to print the book in color, but the printing costs for color books are so high that basically we’d have to give the book away for free. Although making books is mostly a labor of love, we’d like for the authors to earn at least a little bit for all their hard work.

As for the black & white quality, I know this is a matter of opinion, but to me it comes across as quite readable (and quite far from useless). Here’s an image from the book for example:

Does yours look like that? Maybe something went wrong with the version you have.