P. 54 BobbleArena-Column imported as Default Asset instead of GameObject

Using Unity 5.4.0b10 Personal, Blender 2.78, on MacBook Pro and Unity Games by Tutorials, v0.2. Completed up to p 54 with no problems.

Under “Fixing the Models”:

Instead of a GameObject named BobbleArena-Column in Models I am finding 7 GameAssets and what looks like a text object named BobbleArena-Column classified as “Default Asset” when trying to (unsuccessfully) drag it to the Scene view. It has no ChildObjects.

I just checked and it seems I renamed and moved different assets correctly after import.

Hi JS … it looks like Unity isn’t recognizing the blender files. Try uninstalling Blender, then reinstalling it. Once you do that, restart Unity. Then, reimport the models. This means, you’ll have to either delete all the assets from the unity package, or create a fresh project. It’s probably easier doing the latter.

Hopefully, that should take care of it. If they fail to import, open the Console view and pasted any errors you find in the forums.

Let us know how that works out. Thanks!