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New MacOS Project:AppKit or SwiftUI?

Hi everybody,

I have a new project for Mac to develop. this App is an IDE for web develop. Obviously, the start project has beginning features like CRUD about project, syntax highlighting, opening browser e visualization of web page.

My question is that: which SDK suggest me to use to develop this App? SwiftUI simplify the creation of UI but, to use SwiftUI you have to create an iOS app. but this is an IDE for web develop. so I think that is better use this app only in desktop and not on mobile.

opposite, AppKit is a very complicate sdk. and the documentation it’s not so accurate and updated.

So, what do you think? Do I use SwiftUI? or AppKit?


hi @rufy,
if this is your first mac app and you are attempting an IDE for web development, that is a very ambitious goal.

SwiftUI is not just iOS, you can also create a Mac App with SwiftUI. This will be an easier start for you, but you will face the same issues that you have to know how the MacOS works.

If you are going to start learning then AppKit would be the way to start.


I agree, AppKit is the way to go. It’s not that complicated, it’s just that the majority of development and thus search results on Google now are for iOS. Also, SwiftUI will not be production ready for quite some time, it seems.

@jayantvarma and @martinwinter thank you very much for you suggestions. I think I’ll learn AppKIT to create may app for MacOS. Thank you very much

Now I hope that @raywenderlich writes more updated tutorial about MacOS develop