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Hello everybody,

I don’t know if this is the correct section, but I would like to ask if a video course on Apple account management could be done. To be clear, I’m talking about everything you need to know about AppIDs, certificates, provisioning profiles, etc. What I would like to find in the course is not only the step by step procedure on how to create an app id, create the certificate etc … but also why those steps are done. I’d also like to learn what needs to be done to activate various services, such as push notifications; how to change or even delete an AppID, or an app on itunes connect.

What do you think? Is it possible?


Hi @rufy! This is a great idea. I would benefit from something like this because sometimes I forget all the details surrounding the Apple connect website. If you’re interested you can also share your suggestion on the official RW discord chat. There is a suggestions channel where anyone can share their ideas.


thanks @gdelarosa. I’ve no account for discard, but to be accepted to the channel I need to be registered with the same email of raywnderlich?

@rufy I believe you can use any email but in order to send chat messages you have to verify your Ray Wenderlich account.

Yeh I’d find this helpful also. I’d like to know if there are different ways to submit apps and the pros/cons to each.

If this could be kept bang up-to-date whenever Apple change these things then it would be great as I could just come here and get the no-nonsense version of how to do it.

I would also highly appreciate!

@rufy & @w.josset

I did find this tutorial on here:

It’s outdated though.

There’s a discussion topic for it here:

Maybe you could add some comments there to get the tutorial updated or as @gdelarosa said:

@elliotw thanks for your answer. But the course that I’m proposing is not about ‘how to submit an app on appstore’. I would like a course that explain, for example how to manage the capability of a certificate, o handle provisioning profile, certificate, AppID. Or explain how to add roles and users; now with the privacy problem, Apple ask some things for GDPR or laws like this.

Anyway I take a look to these posts.

but I think it is great create a video course that deep inside about this topic


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