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Need some guidance for startup


I need some guidance for a startup, if one has to choose between starting a business focussed on

  1. Android

  2. Swift

  3. React or Flutter

  4. Ecommerce platforms using php

Which will be best from the point of view of ease of business and finding customers, I am torn between going for swift or the hybrid app development platforms like flutter , but also attracted to the ecommerce platforms as they are always in demand, really do not know…

I need guidance from a business point of view rather then me being attached to some technology as I would dearly want the startup to be successful rather then just being an experiment…

Thanks a lot …


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@amitsrivastava Thanks very much for your question!

My advice to you is focus on the business model. It appears that your business model will depend on a mobile app. If this is the case, then remember that you’ll need a strong backend to support this venture. You’ll need to build a proper backend infrastructure using either Ruby, Node.js, or whatever solution you are comfortable with.

That said, with respect to mobile development, regardless of whether you are learning towards iOS or Android, if your budget is forcing you to choose one platform, I would go with either, so long as you go with native development. Too many times I have come across scenarios where people have adopted hybrid technologies to build an app for both platforms in order to save time, money, and reduce their codebase, only to come full circle and go with full native development. Native technologies grant you maximum use of the hardware they support, along with greater support from the developer community.

Remember to focus your startup idea on the business side, and ensure you have a model that works, and then worry about the technology you will use to implement afterwards. Do this, and you should be fine.

I hope this helps!

All the best.

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@syedfa - thanks a lot for your valuable time and suggestion, I was not thinking about the backend issue , thinking that I and 2 of my partners will be able to deal with it, but come to think of it , we will need resources for that so that we can have more time to other business activities…

Also about hybrid technologies, this is the first time some one has suggested to try and focus on native, most of the videos on youtube and other people I spoke to in person suggested flutter or react, but you have a very good point …

Also come to think of all the scenarios you mentioned now I think going for php mysql might also be a good option for us , as well all are good at database( all 3 of us are oracle certified associates) so mysql will be easier and php we all had worked on earlier as well …

So keeping all this in mind we might as well pick the php path …

It might not be as lucrative as the app path but more according to the resources we have at hands…

Thanks again


@sagarespark - was that a real suggestion or just a link to your company, please do provide the correct info as you have used keywords linking to your site … this is a serious matter I am trying to seek guidance on …

Your opinion is complete opposite of a moderator @syedfa

@amitsrivastava The account looked like a spam account to me - I have removed it.

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IMO, the answer to the question depends on your audience and how the app will be used. Most startups need an app that is very user friendly and are looking for a world class customer experience. The competition in their space demands it. If that is the case for you, I suggest that native is the best option. Which platform you do first depends on the breakdown in your users. If you target a demographic that leans toward Android, do that one first. Many companies with general demographics tend to target iOS first because they usually spend more.

If your app is more utilitarian, and getting out to the widest audience the fastest is more important than user experience, I’d go with a hybrid platform.

In short, you’re right to not let the technology drive the decision, but rather the needs of the startup and its users.

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@jerbeers - thanks, yes you are right , because I am a technical person trying to start a business, I tended to focus on the technology and forgot about the demands in the market and search for a lucrative niche, now I am beginning to think like a business man first and will decide on what is best …

I am also thinking of web design and php/mysql as well, as what ever is in greater demand will help rather then trying to create a demand , so instead of an app that can be good as well …