Navigation controller and tabBar controller doesn't show it's white bar at the top and bottom

hi there, I’m trying to learn tabBars and navigation controllers and i’ve been following along with a tutorial on how make them but my output is quite different than the on in the tutorial. so the first screenshot is how it’s showed in the tutorial with the navigation bar and the tab bar both visible and second one is my output when i run my code, i don’t know what am i doing wrong here. this is all the code i’ve written inside SceneDelegate.swift the two viewControllers that i’m trying to show just have one line of code changing their background color.

import UIKit

class SceneDelegate: UIResponder, UIWindowSceneDelegate {

    var window: UIWindow?

    func scene(_ scene: UIScene, willConnectTo session: UISceneSession, options connectionOptions: UIScene.ConnectionOptions) {
        guard let windowScene = (scene as? UIWindowScene) else { return }
        let window = UIWindow(windowScene: windowScene)
        window.rootViewController = createTabBar()
        self.window = window
    func createSearchNavigationController() -> UINavigationController {
        let searchVC = SearchViewController()
        searchVC.title = "Search"
        searchVC.tabBarItem = UITabBarItem(tabBarSystemItem: .search, tag: 0)
        let searchNC = UINavigationController(rootViewController: searchVC)
        searchNC.navigationBar.isHidden = false
        return searchNC
    func createFavoritesNavigationController() -> UINavigationController {
        let favoritesVC = FavoritesListViewController()
        favoritesVC.title = "Favorites"
        favoritesVC.tabBarItem = UITabBarItem(tabBarSystemItem: .favorites, tag: 1)
        return UINavigationController(rootViewController: favoritesVC)
    func createTabBar() -> UITabBarController {
        let tabBar = UITabBarController()
        UITabBar.appearance().tintColor = .systemGreen
        tabBar.viewControllers = [createSearchNavigationController(), createFavoritesNavigationController()]
        return tabBar

    func sceneDidDisconnect(_ scene: UIScene) {
        // Called as the scene is being released by the system.
        // This occurs shortly after the scene enters the background, or when its session is discarded.
        // Release any resources associated with this scene that can be re-created the next time the scene connects.
        // The scene may re-connect later, as its session was not necessarily discarded (see `application:didDiscardSceneSessions` instead).

    func sceneDidBecomeActive(_ scene: UIScene) {
        // Called when the scene has moved from an inactive state to an active state.
        // Use this method to restart any tasks that were paused (or not yet started) when the scene was inactive.

    func sceneWillResignActive(_ scene: UIScene) {
        // Called when the scene will move from an active state to an inactive state.
        // This may occur due to temporary interruptions (ex. an incoming phone call).

    func sceneWillEnterForeground(_ scene: UIScene) {
        // Called as the scene transitions from the background to the foreground.
        // Use this method to undo the changes made on entering the background.

    func sceneDidEnterBackground(_ scene: UIScene) {
        // Called as the scene transitions from the foreground to the background.
        // Use this method to save data, release shared resources, and store enough scene-specific state information
        // to restore the scene back to its current state.


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