More gamedev books

Unity book is just awesome for developers not familiar with gamedev. Thank you so much for it.
Does your team plan to make more books about game development (maybe about unrealEngine or computer graphics or game engines) for beginners?

@mariiasaveleva I’m glad to hear you are enjoying the Unity book so far!

We don’t have any plans for more game dev books beyond the ones we have already at the moment, but are open to suggestions. What game dev book would you most like to see us make next, and why?

Thank you for answer!
I’d like to read book about unrealEngine and c++ (project-oriented, like unity book), about graphics programming (also project-oriented, with explanations about shaders and other magic) and book about building own super-simple game engine (if it is possible to make such a book).

Gamedev looks like really difficult thing to start learning and there is so much info without any structure that reader should to know first before make anything that will look like real game. I think the most useful part in books like this is “full-set” - reader doesn’t have to distract on modeling or music writing to learn engine and programming itself. It saves tons of time and give the opportunity to make something tangible right from the start, especially when reader doesn’t know much about gamedev and its components.

Thanks for the extra info here! I have a few more questions :]

First, why are you interested in UnrealEngine rather than Unity?

Second, why are you interested in building your own super simple game engine, rather than using a pre-built game engine like Unity or Unreal Engine?

(The reason I am asking these questions is to better understand our reader’s motivations) :]

Speaking of building your own super simple game engine, you might be interested in our new Metal course that just came out, which shows you how to do exactly that from a very low level: