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Missing - Automatic Keyboard Avoidance

In Chapter 6 for Kuchi, there is a section on “Showing the keyboard” that integrates the provided boilerplate KeyboardFollower code which handles the shifting of the view up or down when the keyboard is displayed. I noticed that I could not replicate the initial keyboard display to NOT move the view up, even when not using KeyboardFollower.

Research indicates that as of iOS 14, a new “Automatic Keyboard Avoidance” was added that automatically shifts up the view which renders this section in the chapter less useful and out-of-date. If anything, this feature should be mentioned and the initial “keyboard is too close to the textfield” intro should be omitted since “Automatic Keyboard Avoidance” is enabled by default. Also, from what I’ve found there’s no de-facto standard for disabling “Automatic Keyboard Avoidance” either without some level of finagling so it would require a diversion from the view stack in the examples in order to continue with the keyboard stuff in this chapter.

Not sure how this got through for the iOS 14 update to this book but it’s pretty blatant.