MapKitView defaults to 1000x1000 with Xcode8


I’m wondering if anyone else has the issue that MapKitView (Or maybe it relates to many other Views?) does a strange thing where it defaults to 1000x1000 in size the first time I load a screen. When I segue to another screen an segue back to the map screen, then it actually followed up all my constraints.

This didn’t happen with Xcode7 and I wonder if someone knows there’s a known bug in Xcode8 or something?

Actually this is open bug in Xcode 8.0

Autoresize no more supported in Xcode 8.0, So If opened your app in Xcode 8.0, all subviews and controls size convert to weird frames. And one more thing specially when your view contains UIScrollView.

Some auto layout also sometimes not working in Xcode 8.0

So when your old Xcode app open in Xcode 8.0, be careful.

Thanks for your quick reply.

So this problem is related to Autoresize. Is there a solution for me?
And how do you know this is an open bug for Xcode 8, is there some kind of open bugtracking platform for Xcode?

Thank you!

I have faced same issue, when my old Xcode project open in Xcode 8.0. Then I have searched a lot. And I found that on many social blogs, so many developer is raised the same question and in all those forum people discussed that it it bug from Apple Inc.. (Or you can say it is advanced feature that does not allow to use Autoresizing anymore, so you have to convert in Autolayout).

In some cases, I also found that before I mean in Xcode 7.3.x, If I want to use Autolayout, then in whole storyboard I have to set constraints. and same vice versa if I want to disable Autolayout and use Autoresizing, then further I have to go only with Autoresizing.

But in Xcode 8.0, you can combine both (It is other matter that it’s not working and don’t know it’s a bug or feature, but it allows you to do same).