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Make Website for Android and iOS

can anyone make a website like slot online ?

Hi and welcome to the forum community @abdullahsmith! I wouldn’t be able to make a sight like that because I have experience working on native iOS applications. If you are interested in learning about mobile development the site is perfect for that. Let me know if you have any questions pertaining to the materials on that site. If you are looking for a freelance developer or agency to create a website for you I’d recommend taking a look at websites such as: Toptal, Upwork, Stack Overflow, Upstack, and even social media sites such as Twitter or Reddit. Thank you and have a great day!


@abdullahsmith Thanks very much for your question.

As my colleague @gdelarosa pointed out, there are many places where one can learn how to build sites like that. I feel a better question to ask is, what skills do you have? By looking at what where you are, you can then determine what you need to get, in order to reach your destination.