macOS and iOS app localization made easy with LocalizeWiz

Localizing apps for international markets is usually an afterthought for developers. I believe the reason why most developers don’t even think about localization is that, it can be pretty cumbersome, tedious and expensive. As an app developer myself, who has released several apps on the App Stores and Play stores, I found localization to be one of the more tedious aspects of releasing an app internationally.

That is why I decided to create an app that makes localization easy for developers. App localization should be as easy as adding your Xcode project, selecting the languages you want to support, and voila! Which is exactly how LocalizeWiz works. When you add a new project folder, the app scans the subfolders for strings files. These files get automatically translated into selected languages. The new locale and localized strings files are then automatically added to your Xcode project, so that all you have to do is build, and your app now supports a new locale!

The tedious part of app localization is when you need to add new content. LocalizeWiz keeps track of the strings it has already seen, so you just have to add new strings to your strings file as usual. LocalizeWiz watches strings files for changes, and when changes are detected, it automatically localizes the newly added strings, and your localized strings files are updated to reflect the new changes.

The best part is LocalizeWiz is free to use for 3 projects and up to 300 strings so you can localize a few of your apps for free.
LocalizeWiz was itself localized into 38 locales using LocalizeWiz.

You can download the app for free from the Mac App Store