Lldb fails to attach over SSH connection

Is there some known issue with issuing LLDB commands over SSH? I’m on my windows machine and I used Powershell (with Windows 10) to remote into my iMac and issued the lldb -f /bin/ls command. When I do a ‘process launch’ it fails to attach. I tried it in Putty and it fails to attach. If I type it directly into my iMacs terminal, it works as described in the book.

Am I missing something here on why I can’t remotely debug over an SSH connection?

I should have googled harder… Answer is here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/27238931/lldb-attaching-to-a-process-on-os-x-from-an-ssh-session.

Hi @mrbass21, glad you were able to discover the answer and thanks for sharing it with us!


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