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Learning Path for 2D Game Development

Hi All,

I have been working through IOS and Swift Learning paths. I have completed the iOS swift for beginners path, created both the bullseye App and Tasklist app and I am now working through the IOS user interfaces path.

Question I have is around 2d game development. I started the journey of learning swift because I designed a game a few years ago and finally decided to build it for IOS.

I feel like I have a good handle on the basic swift concepts (I have developed applications in other languages before) so am I wondering should I be focusing my time on learning SpriteKit? if so is there a SpriteKit learning path available?

There are plenty of SpriteKit resources and tutorials at RW. It’s not a formal path, but if you follow this, you will get something close to that:


Perfect. Thank you very much for this. much appreciated

I like to see more lessons on sprite kit. Store kit, ps and Xbox game controllers, Sprite view in swiftui, GKgameplay kit, monetization, Game Center…