Layout/animation kung fu consultation needed


I want to implement the following: big circular material-style floating button flying in the right bottom corner of the screen, and by tapping it the user can switch views beneath it. These views should be switched via horizontal flipping and be controlled by different view controllers. Most important, the button should stay above
both views during the transition between them.

Is it possible? If it is, please explain how these components should be organized.

The best result I’ve come up with is this:

  • create root controller with the button on its view
  • add both flipping view controllers as children to root view controller
  • use
    transition(from: blueController, to: greenController, duration: 1.0, options: .transitionFlipFromLeft, animations: {}, completion: nil)

But in such case button sticks to the currently presented view and flips with it.

Thank you!

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