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Is this helpful for learning UI Kit first and then SwiftUI?


HI there! I just heard that SwiftUI replace storyboard and using different ways to build an app.

However, I am a beginner. Should I learn the foundation first like UI Kit or others or waiting for SwiftUI release?


I think Paul Hudson answers questions like this rather well:

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If you are new, then starting with SwiftUI would be a better option for you. However from a practical perspective, most companies would start to use SwiftUI in a year or two given the requirements.

UIKit and AppKit are like Objective-C they will stay with us for a while longer while SwiftUI develops into something much more useful.


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Hi @maomao, it would be beneficial to know both UIKit and SwiftUI especially if you plan to get a job as an iOS developer. I’d imagine it will be a while ( a few years maybe more) before companies transition their current apps to SwiftUI. That’s if they do. As a beginner, it wouldn’t hurt to get a jump start on SwiftUI, Apple has a great tutorial here .


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Thanks everyone to provide suggestions for me :slight_smile:


@maomao Please check out our tutorial and screencasts when you get a chance:

I hope it helps!

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