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Is this helpful for learning UI Kit first and then SwiftUI?

HI there! I just heard that SwiftUI replace storyboard and using different ways to build an app.

However, I am a beginner. Should I learn the foundation first like UI Kit or others or waiting for SwiftUI release?

I think Paul Hudson answers questions like this rather well:

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If you are new, then starting with SwiftUI would be a better option for you. However from a practical perspective, most companies would start to use SwiftUI in a year or two given the requirements.

UIKit and AppKit are like Objective-C they will stay with us for a while longer while SwiftUI develops into something much more useful.


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Hi @maomao, it would be beneficial to know both UIKit and SwiftUI especially if you plan to get a job as an iOS developer. I’d imagine it will be a while ( a few years maybe more) before companies transition their current apps to SwiftUI. That’s if they do. As a beginner, it wouldn’t hurt to get a jump start on SwiftUI, Apple has a great tutorial here .


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Thanks everyone to provide suggestions for me :slight_smile:

@maomao Please check out our tutorial and screencasts when you get a chance:

I hope it helps!

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  • It’ll be at least three, if not four months before SwiftUI is out of beta. You can use the time to learn to code instead of waiting for it
  • You’ll encounter UIKit everywhere. All printed books and many ebooks for the next few years will use UIKit, so you need to at least understand it
  • Good apps are modular and the Model-View-Controller (MVC) model isn’t going away any time soon. If you’re planning on using SwiftUI in the future (I would, it’s the future) I’d focus on the model (how reality gets translated into entities (‘objects’)) and controller logic (how to decide what happens in response to the user, and what data you want to display when). Keep your view (display) layer simple and experiment with both UIKit and SwiftUI to see which one suits your project better
  • There currently is no SwiftUI replacement for collectionViews, so you need to learn UIKit anyway. Here I’d definitely target iOS 13; between the new collectionView Layout features and diffing datasources, your life will be so much easier.
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Is your intent to build your own apps? I’d go with Swift UI.

If your intent is to work on contracts or somewhere, there’s a good chance you’ll be using Storyboards for a while. So, then learning that first and the Swift UI may work out better.

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Thanks I think I have to learn both for this moment.

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