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Is this a forum right one to point out errors in the iOS 10 book?

I wanted to see if there is another errata reporting forum for the book that I am not aware of

PS: The Page 20 extension CandyStickerviewController {} uses Bundle.main.urlForResource instead of Bundle.main.url(forResource:, withExtension)

This would be the place, thanks for bringing it up.

URLForResource(_ name: String?, withExtension ext: String?) -> NSURL? seems OK though.

Hmm… That didnt work for me on the Xcode 8 beta 4 that I downloaded yesterday. It asked me to change to Bundle.main.url(forResource: , withExtension: ) … There is one more such error , where the parameter name for the sort function has changed…So we have to change from sort(isOrderedBy:…) to sort(by: …)

One issue that I am yet to debug is, after completing the steps in teh first messaging chapter, if I go into the expanded mode, the UICollectionViewController does not seem to be filling up the available space on the top

Will reply with solution if I find one

@shruti Yeah it’s challenging writing this book because Xcode keeps changing things from under us as we write it. That API changed since we wrote the first version of the chapter.

We did just release another early access release where all projects compile with Xcode 8 - and we’ll be running another round of testing once Xcode 8 GM is ready.

Thanks for update, Ray.

On Xcode 8 beta 6, upon running the starter project for Intermediate Messages chapter, I am not able to find the WenderPic app in the message app store on simulator. I tried on 2 different simulators but same result… Previously I atleast had something running inspite of errors, but now I am not seeing the app…

Same behavior with the “final” project

UPDATE: Figured out the solution

We need to create an extension for the base app ( WenderPic in this case) and launch the project with this extension. Once the empty app launches, go to the home and navigate to the iMessage app, launch app store for iMessage app and scroll till the end. The last extension would be WenderPic.

Though… After playing with the “final” project for sometime, I keep getting the below error

Any thoughts

OK I understand the issue now - I have been avoiding Xcode 8 / Swift 3 - I have a lot of work on at the moment and when I did try opening one of my projects in Xcode 8 I saw that I was going to have a few hours extra work sorting out all the changes, so I might be waiting for release…