Is it worth it to convert an Objective C app to Swift?

Hello, I am maintaining an app for the long run and was wondering if it is a good idea to convert an App written in Objective C to Swift when there is time? It seems Apple is going more and more with swift and I am afraid in the future objective c will be deprecated.

Absolutely! Doing this will cause you to actually rethink how your entire app is done. I cut the size of one of my apps in half when I switched to swift. Partly just because swift is such a better language, but I’ve also learned much more, APIs have changed, etc… and this is when you can fix lots of code bloat in the application.

Well, I don’t think that a deprecation of Objective C is around the corner, Apple itself has loads and loads of Objective-C which still backs major parts of the frameworks. So, there is no immediate need to do it.

However, I would think of refactoring any component that you currently have as soon as you have significant changes there. As soon as you are fluent in Swift, you are faster maintaining it than Obj-C.

I also support Gargoyle’s point that refactoring also is always a good way to apply what you have learned since writing it. You’ll also learn a lot about integrating Swift and Objective C.

So, is it worth it? As soon as you have to touch it anyway, I’d say yes. Just to avoid deprecation? No.

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