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Is artificial intelligence dangerous or not?

What do we think about the future, when it comes to AI? Yes, it’s going to change our lives for the better. But do we exactly know how Artificial Intelligence works with people? And does AI remain safe? I’ll try to give a short clear.

AI is smarter than any human on earth and ultimately smarter than all humans on the planet. The theoretical physicist Stephen Halking has warned that AI could spell the end of the human race, but it’s highly unlikely.

The key danger of AI is not that it’s going to rebel against us if that is going to do exactly what we ask it to do. AI won’t be able to avoid destroying humankind, this is because it will be programmed by humans to pursue misguided human goals.
It’s really easy to give AI the wrong problem to solve and often we don’t realize that until something has gone wrong.

Let’s take the example of Tesla. There was a fatal accident when somebody was using Tesla’s autopilot AI. Instead of using it on the highway like it was designed for, they used it on city streets. And what happened?

AI didn’t recognize a truck in front of the car. Sure, AI was trained to recognize trucks and pictures but what it looks like happened is the AI was trained to recognize trucks on the highway driving where you would expect to see trucks from behind, not on the side. So when the AI saw the truck, it looks like the AI recognized it as a road sign.

As we see, it’s very difficult to design an AI that can understand what it’s looking at and this is why designing the image recognition in self-driving cars is so hard, AI gets confused.
Due to AI researcher Janelle Shane, when AI isn’t able to solve human problems - like creating an ice-cream or recognizing a picture - cause it doesn’t measure up to real brains.

To be sure, we are going in the right direction with AI, we should ask ourselves for what goal we want to use super intelligence and learn how to cooperate with it to avoid problems and bad consequences. Artificial intelligence is not super competent to know everything, but it helps people to create new inventions.

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