iOS Interview vs System Design interview at Google

Hi guys,

I made it to onsite interview at Google for iOS Engineer Position. I had a call with HR about onsite and I am able to choose which interview I will have. So my two options are iOS Interview and System Design interview. I have identical confidence in both areas and cannot decide.

What is iOS interview like in Google>
And what is System Design Interview for mobile developers like?



It’s not easy ,you must understand low-level knowledge and then own great skills to understand the algorithms for the system

Go iOS. =)

While I never worked at Google there are some things that are really helpful.

I was able to get through interviews and work at both Apple and Microsoft based on talking through interesting passion projects that I worked on. (Graphics library on Game Boy Advance, Ray Tracer in C++, bloopers … the Apple manager really enjoyed my bloopers and outtakes from mistakes in my ray tracer)

  1. Talk about your passion projects (can you bring any demo’s with you?)
  2. Get sleep
  3. Spend time preparing for the interview (Review code, play with code, do something fun)
  4. Take notes when you’re there

Also, check out Austin’s interview tips (Cultivated Culture) … he’s a Microsoft employee who has ton of interviews and research with top performers at big name companies.

And don’t stress if you don’t get it, you’ll learn from going through the process… just keep applying.

Wow! Interesting, I always thought that the Google iOS interviews were just the standard algorithm/data structure questions. This was my last experience with it.

Is this a different kind of interview?

Best of luck. I’d go with iOS depending on your background because system design success tends to be based on your career experience.

Do you have any update on this? How did the iOS interview go?

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