iOS Design Patterns - Part 11: Conclusion | Ray Wenderlich

In this video you'll review what you learned in this "iOS Design patterns" video tutorial series and find out where to go from here.

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Somewhat disappointed with this series. Haphazard explanations that lacked internal organization. For example, usually you take an example like MVC and show how that works until it breaks. Then you might expand on that with an example of Massive View Controller Problem. All the starting information should cover and inform the student as he goes on to more advanced topics–not with this tutorial. Where was any discussion of the Coordinator Pattern and some of its variations? The Visitor Pattern? Seriously?! We get advanced topics that don’t seem to fit with earlier, foundational learning. The first two videos are good in terms of organizing an app along functional lines but lack coherence as more advanced topics are introduced. The videos were too long and could have been explained better particularly the latter topics. And please stop the cutesy delivery routine or do it with more wit.