IOS apprentice chapter 3 page 61/62 missing image

I seem to be missing an image from page 61 or 62. Under the paragraph titled “Adding the other controls”… paragraph states “Here is the screen again, this time annotated with different types of views:”

“As you can see,…”

however there is no image for me to see. further down the text I’m asked to recreate the screen above… again there is no image of a screen for me to recreate. I’m pretty much at a stop point since I have no guide to follow.

Can someone send me the image or provide some guidance on where I can find it? Thanks

@fahim Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

Which version of the book are you using? The 7th edition of the book (which is the current one) has “Adding the other controls” on page 67 on the PDF version. The PDF version would have the same page numbers no matter what. If you are using the EPUB version, then the page numbers would not be a good indicator since they vary from reader to reader based on your settings …

And the page in question should look like this:

So I’m curious as to which version of the book you’re reading as well as the format (printed, PDF, EPUB etc.) to figure out what might be going on here …

printed 7th edition and yes this is the image I’m missing. also verified by customer service who responded quickly.

thanks for your help!

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