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iOS Animation Tutorial: Custom View Controller Presentation Transitions

Learn how to create custom view controller presentation transitions and spice up the navigation of your iOS apps!

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Might be obvious to some but newcomers might not realize that you need to import UIKit when creating PopAnimator.swift. It may be helpful to include that in the instructions. Thanks…

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Can you fix this bug.

Main view does not rotates if device is orientation is changed in popup mode and dismissed.

Click popup view. (Full Screen pop up)
Rotate the mobile and dismiss the popup. Parent view does not rotates

This is the expected behavior in UIKit, building a workaround is outside the scope of this tutorial :slight_smile:

This is awesome blog.I’ve implemented some of the codes in my working iOS app.Thank you again!

wonderfully, thanks…

@icanzilb great tutorial! After following it on the example project I tried to implement it on my own app. The presentation animation works fine, but on dismissing the detailVC, there’s no animation at all. It just disappears immediately (doesn’t even get the out-of-the-box animation from UIKit). Any idea why this might be happening?

Great tutorial, but there one thing that I would like to understand: when there is the animation from full screen to herb image happen that you see that the view has the cornerRadius to 0.0. but after one second, when the view container disappears, round corner appear. how can I animate also the corner radius?

This tutorial is more than six months old so questions are no longer supported at the moment for it. Thank you!