iOS 10: Providing Haptic Feedback | Ray Wenderlich

iPhone 7 includes Apple's Taptic Feedback Engine. Discover how to make use of it using the new UIFeedbackGenerator class.

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I think taptic engine was first introduced on iphone6s, but apparently UIFeedbackGenerator can only be used on iphone7 and above according to the API document.

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@wangguan1 - you are correct; the Taptic Engine was introduced in iPhone 6s - I didn’t know that - thanks!

Not sure why that means you can’t use UIFeedbackGenerator then, I guess the 2nd generation has additional functionality?


Thanks for replying Sam, I checked the UIFeedbackGenerator API doc (, it said the API supports iphone7 and above, and like you said in the video, it is a “useless” API unless developers have the brand new iphone7.

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