Intermediate Realm on iOS - Part 3: Multiple Realms | Ray Wenderlich

Learn how to split your app's data persistence needs across several files to isolate data or just use different Realm features per file.

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Hi Marin, these realm tutorials are very interesting. You should do a part 3 targeting the Realm Object Server.

About the static Realm File that you included in the app. If we were using ROS, this static file would be shared across all our users for the data that is common, right?. But how would you populate this file ?

Let’s say I have a product catalog (public realm file) where my users could browse and place orders (private realm file). If the public catalog have 10000 products, what will be the strategy to manage these ?

So far I came up with these solutions:

  1. Creating a private app that will manage the public realm file
  2. Use the professional or enterprise edition to get server side access (however for anyone starting a new app, 1500$ per month is pretty expensive)



Where can I find the download files about this lecture?

Under the video player on the lesson page there is a button “Download materials”

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the course. It’s really helpful.
I wonder when we have a newer version to deploy to the store, can we change the static.realm file? Since it’s ReadOnly, is it possible?
If so, do we need to do the same migration like to the ReadWrite file?

Thanks a lot!

For the static file - you can change it without worries as long as you change your classes to match its schema at the same time - e.g. an app update is great time to do that. You need migrations only if you’re using a file in the “library” or “documents” folders where it will be preserved between app updates.

p.s.: the name is “Marin” :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your reply, Matin! :blush: Sorry for the misspell of your name!

This tutorial is really helpful! Thanks a lot!

I’m sorry to be that guy (and really no hard feelings) but you misspelled the name again :joy:

Oh man!! :sweat:
Sorry Marin! At least I didn’t just copy paste. Now I really remember your name! :grinning:
Hi Marin!

true, definitely not copied and pasted! no worries