Images in Adding the art section of chapter 1


Reading the book and so far so good!
just ran into alittle snag , when it addresses the AppIcon and it says to drag and drop the appropriate icon from “starter\resources\icons” i have no idea where this file path is? or where these pictures are? was i supposed to download something before starting this? please help!

When you download the digital version it comes in a zip file which contains all the files related to the book including the icons youre looking for. For the physical copy I’m not exactly sure how it works but I’d imagine there must be some way to download the zipfile since its essential for the book (maybe check the first few pages for instructions on where to locate the download? - or maybe sent in an email upon purchasing?). Hopefully this helps.

I have the bought the physical copy and I can’t find the path to the file.
Please advise.