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How to handle/transfer complex data on watchOS/ios

Hi there,

so I am working on a workout app that needs to run as standalone app on watch as well as companion app if the iPhone is around. I am logging data every time CLLocationManager updates. The date includes: HeartRate, Cadence, CLLocation objects, Time and more if available. So it’s quite some data collected quite frequently. That data should be synced with the iOS app from the Watch App whenever a workout is finished.

So here are my questions:

  1. It seems to be awkward to convert all this data to Dictionaries to send to the iOS App, would it be smarter to convert the data to a file instead and transfer the file to iOS App and then store the raw data in CoreData on the iOS App?

  2. In the case I do multiple workouts on the Apple Watch before I sync with iOS app, how should the data be transferred? Should I just use CoreData on AppleWatch to store it there and delete it after sync?

Basically I am not clear how to handle the data on Watch. It needs to be used as standalone app, so I cannot just send the data piece by piece when to the Phone app and do the magic there. I need to collect a complete workout (or multiple) on the watch app and transfer to the iOS app once the phone is around.

What are your suggestions?



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