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How to create a reversed Bottom Sheet from the top in IOS?

I need to implement a reversed bottom sheet which should be sliding from the top of the parent view to the bottom.I have done my research and found plenty of supported libraries, but all of them don’t work with sliding from the top of the view. I have tried to apply translation and reverse a drawer layout by 180 degrees in Pulley, but it created issues with safe area in iPhoneX for example.

Perhaps I am overcomplicating things with manually editing libraries, but I would like to get possible solutions or sample codes for creating this particular UI.

It should be done with regular interface builder in code, not in Swift UI at the moment.

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@wellbranding Do you still have issues with this?

Hi @wellbranding,
are you wanting to solve this using Pulley? You can use a simple view controller and add to it a pan gesture to even slide it off screen.


Yes, I have. I updated my post. Sorry, I have unsubscribed from Raywenderlich after receiving no support in forum.

I don’t want to use pulley for this. Can you show an example code for such feature?

Hello, I am polishing my code and also trying to improve my UIKit skills. One of the hardest things was to create a slide down view from the top of the screen to the bottom. Here is an example (my view looks exactly the same, except it is reversed, and the sliding panel is located in the top of the screen):

I need the reversed draggable view

I have tried to modify this framework known as Pulley. I did not understand the internals very well and I tried to rotate the whole ViewController by applying transform:

parentVC.view.transform = parentVC.view.transform.rotated(by: .pi)

It worked well, but it broke then I have added a custom ViewController transition. This is why I would like to create this draggable panel myself from scratch.

However, I feel I am lost, because I don’t know if that draggable panel should be treated as View or maybe ViewController…

How would you approach this problem?

Any recommendations?

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