How Can I Train Tesseract to recognize handwriting?

I have tesseract installed via cocoa pods. I made an Xcode project using swift code that uses tesseractOCR to take a picture, then take the text out of the picture and make it stand alone. (I followed this tutorial: I was researching how I can train tesseract to recognize handwriting so my app can recognize handwritten text also, but I wasn’t getting a clear answer… If anyone that has done this in the past can tell me how I can modify or train tesseract to recognize handwriting without disrupting my previous commands please share!

Hi @slushypuffin, from my understanding of the tutorial that you followed, Tesseract has limitations in regards to recognizing handwriting unfortunately. It does not seem like Tesseract is ideal for recognizing handwriting however, I found this link that could be a door way to training Tesseract so it can recognize handwriting.


@gdelarosa I have visited that site before and I’m fairly new to coding so not all of it made sense… so correct me if I’m wrong: I need to download an handwriting image library (like IAImages) and then turn the files into box/tiff files so Tesseract can understand it? I’m not completely clear on how I go about converting the files and uploading them to trained data… I would appreciate some help as I’m sure you have experience in this field, Thanks!

Hi @slushypuffin, I’ve never used Tesseract but it seems like you are on the right track after briefly reading through the “Overview of Training Process”.

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