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Hero no longer moves [SOLVED]

First off: Thank you for releasing this.
I’m on Chapter 5: Just set up Robot. My player (Hero) can punch and jump, but no longer moves any direction. The animation plays when I press the arrow keys and he does flip still.
Not sure if it has something to do with moving the public book isGrounded from Hero to Actor script…but I’ve been retracing steps over and over and no luck.
I get the yellow triangle warning: BoxColliders does not support negative scale or size. The effective box size has been forced positive and is likely to give unexpected collision geometry.

Any help appreciated.

@nathansimbahan Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

Okay. Last night I got the Hero to move once again. I had to copy the Hero and Actor Scriots from the downloaded files of Chapter 4 and paste them over my previous work. It took, but a new problem occurred: The Hero can now walk a little deeper in the Z axis. He looks like he can partially go up the wall a bit. I compared the Transform Rect Positions of the files to mine and they are the same. Do I need to readjust some of the code within the vertical portions?

Hello @driversold, can you upload screenshots? I’m having trouble visualizing your issue.

@nathansimbahan I realize it’s fine in the Scene window, but in the game the hero can walk somewhat into or up the wall before the collider or something stops him.

@driversold based on the screenshot you posted, it seems that the floor sprite mesh is either a.) moved or b.) the spritesheet is offset 1 tile downward.

moving the floor mesh upward to close the gap between the wall and the floor should fix this.

@nathansimbahan It worked. Thanks.