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Help setting up a new project using terminal (CLOSED)

So, I’m on section 2 - Hello, Flutter and followed the instructions for creating a project using terminal. What I get doesn’t seem to create the full project. not exactly sure, but the project seems to set-up a Java project. Here’s a screenshot of what I get

Any thoughts as to why I’m not getting the flutter project?

@carlstep333 that’s weird, are you able to run the project? I see that the files are still .dart

Yes, it is strange. I’ve been able to do this before with no problems. And yes the project will run in the iOS Simulator.

I’ve also noticed the project files are all there when I look in the Finder folder.

Ok, worked out what was happening. When I was opening the project in Android Studio I was opening the project folder (recipes), when I should have been opening the main.dart file.

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That makes sense! Glad you figured it out!

Thanks, and thanks for your input.

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It’s good that you fixed it. However, for a more intuitive approach, you should click on the “Android” dropdown menu at the top left of the project panel, and select “Project” from the dropdown list to view your flutter project structure.