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Free puzzle game- Park of Monster

Hi, guys, our development team have made a new puzzle game called Park of Monster. this is game is mainly about merging items together and complete the stages. There is also a wonderful attack system. You can click here to watch our game trailer. Here are some features you may want to know.

==> Merge low-level items to high-level items, gradually evolved till they become the world “miracle”.

==>Over hundreds variety of items to collect, this game is the best for collectors.

==>The output and growth of various items are closely related, the interesting merge process is full of expectation and surprise.

==>Ancient monsters are vary in appearances. There is the cute Licker, but also fierce Twin Head Dragon.

If you like this game, please try it and we are very looking forward to hearing some advice from you.

@fcurly Congratulations and keep up the good work! :]

I installed it, and it refuses to load. I’ve left it for 10+ minutes, and nothing :frowning: Im quite sad, because it looks like a really neat game! I’m using a Galaxy A5. I hope this can be fixed!


Thanks for your feedback. Our developers are working on that right now. I believe we will soon fix that problem. Thanks very much

Drakomon - Battle & Catch Dragon Monster RPG Game Looks Cool. You should definitely have to try this.
Can download the game here:

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