Fluent querying problem

I’m making a simple ride-sharing app and have the following scenario:

When a user makes a request to /api/trip/new to create a new trip, I want to retrieve the first driver from the database and assign their ID to a Trip object. Then I want to save both the trip and trip request in the database.

I have the following code:

func newTripHandler(_ req: Request, data: TripRequestCreateData) throws -> Future<TripRequest> {
let passenger = try req.requireAuthenticated(Passenger.self)
let tripRequest = try TripRequest(pickupLat: data.pickupLat,
                                  pickupLng: data.pickupLng,
                                  destLat: data.destLat,
                                  destLng: data.destLng,
                                  pickupAddress: data.pickupAddress,
                                  destAddress: data.destAddress,
                                  passengerId: passenger.requireID())

//Passenger's location
let lat = tripRequest.pickupLat
let lng = tripRequest.pickupLng

//Passenger's destination
let toLat = tripRequest.destLat
let toLng = tripRequest.destLng

let trip = Trip(passengerId: tripRequest.passengerId!,
                pickupLat: lat,
                pickupLng: lng,
                destLat: toLat,
                destLng: toLng,
                pickupAddress: tripRequest.pickupAddress,
                destAddress: tripRequest.destAddress)

let driver = Driver.query(on: req).first().unwrap(or: Abort(.notFound))

let driverId = driver.map(to: Driver.self) { driver in
  return driver.id

trip.driverId = driverId


return tripRequest.save(on: req)


struct TripRequestCreateData: Content {
  let pickupLat: Double
  let pickupLng: Double
  let destLat: Double
  let destLng: Double
  let pickupAddress: String
  let destAddress: String

I’m not sure how to save two models and how to properly retrieve the driver from the database. The driverId constant is of type EventLoopFuture instead of Driver.

What am I doing wrong?

@0xtim Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

Figured it out

return Driver.query(on: req).first().unwrap(or: Abort(.notFound)).flatMap { driver in
  trip.driverId = driver.id
  return trip.save(on: req).flatMap { trip in
    return tripRequest.save(on: req)

@mfilipowicz Glad you fixed it! Cheers! :]