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I followed the steps as you mentioned in given tutorial.

But while uploading images to Firebase Storage, I am getting following error:

Error Domain=FIRStorageErrorDomain Code=-13000 “An unknown error occurred, please check the server response.” UserInfo={object=9tyZXsPM9U08MQxhTNz0/2BFB2C6F-69DF-468A-8611-750AFC17F3731643349018.jpeg, ResponseBody={

"error": {

"code": 400,

"message": "Your bucket has not been set up properly for Firebase Storage. Please visit ‘Sign in - Google Accounts}/storage/files’ to automatically repair this issue and then retry. If the issue lasts longer than five minutes, you may have insufficient permissions to repair the project. You can check your permissions by visiting ‘Sign in - Google Accounts}’."


}, bucket={{bucket name}}, data={length = 491, bytes = 0x7b0a2020 22657272 6f72223a 207b0a20 … 2e220a20 207d0a7d }, data_content_type=application/json; charset=UTF-8, NSLocalizedDescription=An unknown error occurred, please check the server response.,, ResponseErrorCode=400}

I have provided Storage admin permission to all of them, even firebase storage is enabled for my case. But still I am unable to upload image and getting this error. Can you please give me brief idea about why this error.

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