Exporting CoreData to JSON

I’ve been lokking on the internet a lot but can’t almost find any tutorial about getting an CoreData SQLIte exported to a JSON file.
Many lessons for putting an JSON file in an CoreData SQLite.

I’ve find something for putting the entity in an JSON file but the relatinship doesn’t gets processed.

Can anyone help me whit this.

I want the total SQLite database exported to an JSON file.

Thanks a lot.

Please check out this library when you get a chance:

Thank you! :]

Thank you Shogunkamazov.

I’m going to look into it.
When i still have questions then i will be back.

I found the following video that might be useful.

If you’re working specifically with Geospatial data, then this online tool may come in handy. :slight_smile:

Your fall back would be to go through your Core Data Object Graph, and build the JSON construction manually via Swift code, and then write the resulting JSON file to disk.

I hope this helps!

All the best!