Errata on chapter 1

I think I found a errata on chapter 1, page 38, section “Importing Packages” it says:

As you did before, to keep things tidy, single click the newly generated Materials folder (in the Models folder) and rename it to Models. Drag this new folder into the parent-level Materials folder.

Do you mean, move the contents of Materials folder (in the Models folder) to the parent-level Materials folder and delete Materials folder (in the Models folder)?

I mean, as you said “As you did before” is a little confusing because the previous action was not a renaming action.

I hope this improves your book

I have found more errors, but nobody answer my first post. (Ignored) :frowning:

Sorry for the delayed response, but you are correct. You are just moving folder around to keep your content organized in the project browser.