Errata for Advanced iOS App Architecture 4th Edition

Creating this topic to catch any typos and bugs in the 4th Edition of Advanced iOS App architecture.

I noticed that after getting through the login screen and everything else, the LaunchViewController, even though not a part of the View Hierarchy, is still retained in memory.
Is this intentional, or a bug?


Section 3: Example App: Koober
Getting from launch to onboarding
– on line 45, the launch view asks the view model to attempt to load a user session to see if a user is signed in. –
should be line 46. Line 46 in code: loadUserSession()

Esta bien para mi. Me gusto la parte de casos de uso.
Creo una actualización con Async/Await y un poco de combine, para la parte avanzada estaría excelente.
Otra seria Viper mas que todo por su denominación.