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Download ebook in ePUB Format


I bought a monthly Subscription as I saw we can download courses in ePUB format but I can’t find from where to download them.

The only option that seem to be available is “Start reading” but then it starts the web reader. Could you please let me know where I can access the ePUB-formatted ebook?

Thank you

Hi @al6526, when you are on the book’s main page you can click on “Access other versions and formats”. This should then show you a list of ePubs you can download.



Many thanks for your reply! :blush:

I double-checked on the page like you just said, but unfortunately I can only see the 4 links below:

  • Start reading
  • Download supporting materials (which shows the code on Github)
  • Discuss on the forums
  • Buy paperback (Amazon)

But I can’t see anywhere the “Access other versions and formats” link.

Can you please let me know where exactly you see that link?

Thank you again for your help,

Update: For reference, I added a screenshot of what my screen looks like: