Document Writer for iOS

Document writer is everyone’s preferable application which is specially designed for ipad and iphone. It has smooth and user friendly interface which can help us to work online or offline. Aside from irreplaceable creating and other abilities Document writer has additional beneficial landscapes which include the following.

Document Editor & Scanner:

Beside of creating and editing rich text documents, do you want to know what exceptional features this application consist of? We can change our font sizes, text colors, text alignment, also we can import pictures from our photo library and paste in the documents or we can take the picture at that very moment and add it, not only this we can undo the changes and copy paste our text as well. Isn’t that crazy that how a single application can offer so much and have the ability to turn your content into something wonderful and attractive?

When it comes to scanning, it scans the document in the high quality and can convert it into PDFs. It can scan images and convert them into PNG, JPG OR PDF. Not only scanning but can crop and do the size adjustment as well. We can share our documents in every easy way through email attachment or whatsapp, drop box or Google or Microsoft drive. You can fax your documents too.

PDF Expert:

The most remarkable part of application’s features include we can draw sketches in our PDF documents. Also we can add hand-written notes in the PDFs, comments or highlight text in them. Document Writer is the PDF expert through which we can fill any form and send through email or get ourselves signed in and do the sending work of our documents online. This is not it; it includes viewing PDF actual size and full screen views. From rotating or go to page to adding multiple bookmarks, from wireless attachments to wireless printing document writer does it wonders every time.

Spreadsheets & PDF converter:

Let’s talk about this feature, shall we?
This one includes creating and editing spreadsheet that can be opened or edited in very well-known Microsoft Excel. Likewise we can change the fonts in our desirable colors, size or whatnots. It has the multiple select operations of copy, paste, cut etc which make this application easy to use. Document writer will never fail to impress us. It can convert our Microsoft office and other document types to PDF. We can create folders and sub folders or add, delete, rename, drag or drop our files across folders very easily.

Voice Recorder:

The most amazing and extra ordinary feature is that you can record voice memos and save it on your iphone or ipad or transfer to Mac or PC.

Document Templates & Samples:

As above mentioned document writer carries weight for us and saves every single document. It can help us in so many other ways too. We can make our resume and cover letters, different templates, our planner, different letters, time or weekly sheet and whatnots.

Last but not the least, all the users of Document Writer love the app and according to them this application is perfect for every single entity. It has perfect lay-out and extremely useful tools and features. So what are you waiting for? Download this remarkable app right away!

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