Docker / postgres + environment variables > next book iteration?

Please include in the next version of the book also help if there are issues with creating the docker container. It didn’t work for me and it took me a couple of hours to figure the problem out and this seems to be a common problem from what I discovered in my research.

(1) sudo lsof -i :5432
(2) sudo kill (pid)
(3) docker restart postgres

If we assume that first time readers have no experience with docker as well, it would also be great to actually show how to access the database itself.

Why? For understanding migrations and the database model it really helps to see the created database itself. It might already be enough to have a screenshot in the book that shows the created tables and rows.

The other topic that is missing in the book is the information how to set the environment variables (.env). The book uses reading the optional environment variables from the .env file but does not explain where does values are stored or how they are set. That is also something that blocks first time readers.