Do you have an order to read your books?

Does exist an order to read the books… like create a Career Path for iOS Development, for example… I know that maybe

• Swift Apprentice
• iOS Apprentice

Are the first two books in that order, even they can be read it in parallel… but what could be recommended as next?

Do you have a suggested order?


Personally, I found Design Patterns by Tutorials and iOS animations by Tutorials to be the right level to tackle after finishing iOS Apprentice, and they provide some really essential techniques to build iOS apps. Data Structures and Algorithms is really great if you are looking to prepare for a job interview and don’t have a CS background. After that I’d look at Core Data and RxSwift, or SwiftUI and Combine if you want to learn the new cutting edge stuff. I’ve also found the books very easy to jump in and out of. You can a do a few chapters in one until you feel like you get the basics and come back when you need some more expert knowledge.


Hi @fdorado985,
What is the goal that you are trying to achieve, learn Swift or SwiftUI? Then apart from reading the book and trying the exercises, are you also trying to create your own projects? It is when you use a combination of these, you will actually hit that learning moment on how things work.