Data not showing on navigation controller table view

I’m using the IOS apprentice book and I am in chapter 33 where you have to drag a navigation controller in the storyboard. I did all the step but still I can’t load the two labels in that table view cell… I have I reread every steps in the book over 40 times I did not miss anything at all… I have set the table view cell identifier and set the location cell class to the cell connected all the outlet. It doesn’t crashed or throws any error… I cannot wrap my head around why… it doesn’t want to show the content at all…

Would like to help but don’t know what you are referring to. Post your code here or link to a gist / project even

Ok thank you very much I will upload to github and share link

I have found the solution I put in number of row func instead of number of row in section

@mmichel1 Glad you sorted it out! Cheers! :]

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