Custom NavigationBar

Hi guys, how can I reproduce this navigation bar?

is rounded navigation bar with and round image and around the image there is an progress bar.

before to create the image with progress bar, how can I reproduce the navigation bar ?

Thank you

I would think thats a normal white nav bar with an image of the rounded edge and the blue seat icon placed atop the viewcontroller.

Can you explain better? I’ve try to create in photoshop an image with the bottom edge rounded and added to navigation bar but don’t work. I need to subclass navigation bar class?

What Im saying is that “I think” its just this:

where everything above the 1st red line is the status bar (time, carrier etc)

everything in between both red lines is the actual nav bar

and finally what’s below the bottom red line is an image placed in an image view near the top of the container with about 40px for the status bar and 88 for the nav bar above it.

@marciokoko You are great! In fact, Why do it so complicated?

Thank you very much Your idea it’s easy.