Creating a Custom Calendar Control for iOS |

In this calendar UI control tutorial, you’ll build an iOS control that gives users vital clarity and context when interacting with dates.

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Great article, learned a lot.

Just a thing I couldn’t figure it out is the call of " constraints.append " on viewDidLoad seems to do not work because it says 'constraints it’s get-only.

Hey, your article is interesting. I will share with my friends. My colleagues were taking about cloudcouncil that they provide certification on iOS. As you have knowledge in it can you help me is that worth studying and get certified ?

Thank you for this great article. Do you have any clue how to start the week on Monday? I’ve tried some changes… with unsatisfactory results. Help is very appreciated!

Thank you very much for this article. For work, I need to put this component in an app that has support to iOS 12.4. but I’ve some problems:

  1. you see only the collection view. header and footer aren’t.
  2. if you check the UI using Xcode you can see both the footer and the header but there are uncolored or invisible.
  3. if you click in the place in which could be the cancel button, you can do it!

How can I fix it?

thank you

How to disable future dates?.. I mean How to set min date and max date?

Hi, Same problem here, did you figure it out? The Calendar ignores firstWeekDay when populate the collection view…

I’ve the same problem. The Calendar ignores firstWeekDay when populate the collection view… some one can give us a fix? @josterberg can you help us?